Day 1.. Sutra 1.1

After 200 hours of learning the right alignment of essential asanas, while getting introduce to the history and philosophy of yoga, and diving into the mystical world of Ayurveda and other powerful forces of the universe, I’m here holding a certificate saying I’m a Yoga teacher, but am I?

Hey, I came here for the perfect body, you know, like those girls on instagram with beautiful long torsos, doing Urdhva Dhanurasana in a exotic island. In exchange I received a change of perspective, and now here I am searching for a better soul.

In the 2000-year-old guide book for Yogis, The Sutras of Patanjali Patanjali starts with sutra 1.1 “Atha Yoga Anushasanam”. Now, the teaching of yoga. At first, you automatically jump into the part of “teaching of yoga” (because thats what I’m here for!) but the most important part of this sutra is the “Atha”, that idea of time where everything starts. Patanjali is driving our attention to the importance of the “now”, where we leave our identities behind and assume this new role as spiritual aspirants of a new path. That now, suggest us to leave any past behind and to detach any future, also demand us to put aside everything we used to feel as “ours”. We are in a timeless present, and we are diving into a higher self (through practices we are going to learn on the road).

So that perfect body and that exotic beach has to move from“life goals” list for now, and I might not find Samadhi (Illumination) at the end of the road, because lets be real, Im a hispanic girl with a heart made of fire, living in a city that has more rajas (*element of prakriti associated with passion, energy, and movement) than any other place in the universe. But I will live in the “atha” and I will share the experience with you, because that’s my new role, Im a proud yoga teacher and student, ready to put out all the scoops of trying to find a higher self, through my body and my sprit. Its going to be as imperfect as it gets, and you will love it.

For now I just leave here this first Sutra, just to think about it, and you will decide if this is the path for you. So far for me, it was just what I needed, and I’m loving every part of it.

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