The Peace Within


Lately the world seems like a cold, raw, and unbearable place to live, people don’t care anymore about anything. Hate and fear are governing our thoughts, frustration comes every time you read the news, and life genuinely sucks.

Even if everything looks  hopeless and almost impossible to repair, I have an urge to do something and make a difference and that’s why I am sharing this. We might not be those who will change the world and fix every single problem that’s among us, but if my attitude with the world is the reflection of how I feel, Maybe creating peace within myself is the first step to start that difference in the world that I’m seeking. 


This past week, I dedicated my yoga practice off the mat. I’m always centered and balanced in that morning hour when I’m working on my asanas and meditation, but what happens with the rest of the day?. Imagine you are in class, holding a pose, one that its difficult and the first thing that happens is that you hold your breathe, because maybe that’s the only way to be able to hold the pose for a long time, afterward your heart is pumping like crazy and getting back to controlled breathing its very difficult . The same thing happens when your are trying to control a feeling and you forget to breathe!. It can take just a short breathe to make a huge difference within you. 


Try to take life a little bit slower, and instead of reacting right after something happened, take two or three deep breathes and concentrate on the air that comes in and out of your nose. It can be very complicated, I mean, walking and breathing, piece of cake, but what about, rushing to work, having a sip of coffee and realizing that you are 10 minutes late, I’m pretty sure that we miss many inhalations in rush hour. Start practicing by being aware of your breathing for one minute every hour, if thats impossible, then every two hours, set your own schedule and dedicate some minutes throughout the whole day just to breathe and be aware.


When a feeling gets on its way, it transform you in matter of seconds, those are the moments when deep controlled breathes can change everything. Getting angry is so easy, especially for me, I had a lot of controlled deep breathing exercises throughout the week, and it was hard, but in many moments it worked, and I felt much better. I saved myself a lot of uncomfortable moments this week, and I think that is more than enough and a great way to start this new practice.

It didn’t work the whole time, but I can say it had a positive result. It didn’t  change the future of humanity in a dramatic way but my relationship with the universe started to shift, and I’m pretty sure that it will affect on how things flow around me, hopefully it will change how people flow around me.  Now you can give it a chance and it will be two of us transforming the universe, just one breathe at a time.


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