Take 5

Its easy to promise that you’ll find a space and a moment to take care of yourself. It usually happens when you are at work, your back hurts and your next vacation break is in more than 6 months, but of course it never happens, maybe you go and grab something to eat and feel better, for like 5 minutes. I’m not trying to achieve eternal illumination (not yet), and I don’t carry all the secrets of how to live a mindful life, but I know that taking 5 minutes of your day, only to yourself, will change the way you feel. Here are some tricks to get some space and time when there are not such.


The first thing you need is your phone, and not to snapchat yourself with dog faces while driving. There are some great apps to meditate or just have some white noise while doing something else (yes, you can drive and listen the sound of a forest and call it an active meditation session). Some of the ones I have tried are these ones:


This company focused on mindfulness and meditation gives you the choices of downloading an app or simply to use their website. They will guide you in a free 7 day immersion where they’ll show just a part of all the programs they have to offer. You can subscribe and have the whole package which includes guided meditation for specific needs, and some longer programs to focus on a goal in a multi-day series. 



I’ve been using this one for a while (still enjoying the free 10 day trial) and as Calm, its a mindfulness meditation research company who have used the app, not only to benefit over 5 million users since 2010 but also to use it as a way of research and develop a better understanding of the relationship of meditation and its benefits in order to get the most of this training for any kind of person.


Take a Break! 

 Even if they only offer two meditation podcast, is the best app for those who really don’t have time (They do have time, they only need to organize themselves). You can chose either the 7 minute work break (like when you take the bathroom break just to step out and check your phone) or the 13 minutes stress relief (commuting always will take more than that..why not using it for some relaxation) 

I understand that downloading the app its easy, the problem is to get into it and finally using it. It took me a long time to understand how important is to take a moment to pause. If you know that meditation, as sitting and concentrating on your breathing is not your thing, try to play a game.

This app is my favorite and I use it every single night (Mr Velez still says that is just an excuse for me to play on the phone, but I chose not to think that) Instead of scrolling through social media, which I know is fun, and is the only way to catch up with the rest of the people around you, try to have a simple game on your phone. I use two dots, they do have goals, and medals but the real deal of this game is their composition, its so beautifully done with music so deep and calm, that without noticing it set you in a lighter mood, just ready to go to sleep. 


I highly recommend that you include some physical activity to your routine, I know it can be hard, and you might not be able to be constant, but things like walking an extra block, and taking the bus maybe a few stops before or after, could make a huge change. If you can walk, do it! find any excuse to move your body, going out on a Friday night to dance until your legs can’t handle it, can count as cardio (avoiding the alcohol part, of course)

These are only some ideas that you could use to give yourself some time, believe me when I tell you to start doing it before is too late and you feel that the world is about to destroy you, have a conversation with your body, even if its on the shower, try to scan yourself everyday and make sure everything is fine. Hard times are going through right now and we need to be strong. So go ahead and take 5, you deserve it :).


3 comentarios sobre “Take 5

  1. Your last paragraph is the most perfect way to start the new year! Taking time for oneself is so very important. Wonderful post and thank you for taking the time to write it and share it! Many blessings to you and “Happy New Year”! Best wishes, Koko

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