Stretch your troubles away


Because of the latest events in life I feel with the obligation of sharing this post, so you can keep it close to you when you need it the most.

Hard times are coming (maybe it have always been hard, but lately it feels like the universe is playing us a very bad joke), and for those moments when you feel like a heavy rock is in your throat and you need to punch something (or someone) before your head explodes, I have a non-violent alternative: just stretch your troubles away.Sometimes what we really need is to put our heartbeat in a lower frequency and let our body digest and let go all the anger and frustration that we love to hold and keep for no reason.

Here are some asanas that will help you let the stress out, they might be also great for digestion and will help you release any tension, especially in your neck and back area , so give them a look, chose your favorite (or all of them) and breathe throughout the pose for 2-5 minutes. You’ll feel a great difference if you keep doing it constantly. Chose a time of your day, maybe as soon as you wake up, lunch break, before bed, any moment is perfect. Remember that yoga is not just the asanas, and the fancy poses, its also breathing, accepting, and living in a slow pace, be aware of your surroundings and don’t forget to meditate :).

1.Cow/Cat  2.Twisted Puppy  3.Puppy Pose
  1. Cow/Cat: On your hands and knees, start moving your spine, drop the belly look up on the inhale, exhale, tuck the belly in, look in between your legs and release.

  2. Twisted puppy: bring your hands to the front of the mat, like down dog ready, then bring your tailbone to your heels, from there one arm goes under the torso, leaving it in T but making a deep twist with the torso, the head rest on one side on the floor.

  3. Puppy pose: hands at the top of the mat, arms active and extended, belly in, tailbone reaching up and back, knees on the floor hip width distance.

1. Adho Mukha Savanasana  2. Low Lunge  3. Variation
  1. Adho Mukha Svanasana: Hands shoulder distance, feet hip width distance, belly in, tail bone trying to reach the ceiling, arms pushing the torso away from the floor, shoulders away from the ears.
  2. Low lunge: one feet on the ground, the other leg extended to the back with the knee on the floor, hips looking forward, arms can be parallel or palms together, chest up and forward, belly in, gaze forward.
  3. Variation: to open tour hips joints, place your hand on the bent knee and the other hand on the floor, then slowly start to turn your torso facing the bent knee, while the hand pushes the knee away from the center.


1. Three legged dog  2. Twisted lunge 3. Twisted chair

1. Three legged dog: from down dog, bring one leg high up, like kicking something behind , the heel is pulling away and the tights are contracted. The hips are aligned and the arms are pushing the torso away from the floor.


2. Twisted Lunge:  From high lunge, place the hand of the extended leg on the floor, while you twist your torso and try to look up, the other arm is reaching up, the abdomen is tucked in, and both legs are holding the same amount of weight, shoulders away from the ears.

3. Twisted chair: From Utkatasana, place your hands in prayer at heart center, then place the opposite elbow over the opposite knee, start pushing away knee from elbow to create a deep twist, look up and keep the knees aligned.

1. Forward fold variations.  2.Prasarita Padottanasana  3.Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana
  1. Forward fold variations: bring your torso forward and with engaged legs let your shoulders and head be heavy so the lower back release all the tension, you can either grab opposite elbows and move from side to side, or interlace your fingers behind you and bend over.
  2. Prasarita Padottanasana : With feet open wider than hip width, grab your big toes with first two fingers, start pulling your torso to the floor, keep your back straight at every moment, bend the knees if needed.
1.Kapotasana  2.Pigeon Variation 3.Matsyendrasana
  1. Kapotasana: Place one calf parallel to the front of the mat, the other leg is straight pointing back, the hips must be aligned touching the floor, you can put some blankets or blocks to find more space.
  2. Variation: bring your torso forward, it will give you a deeper stretch on the bent leg, but also will release some tension on the lower back.
  3. Matsyendrasana: or seated spinal twist, cross one leg over the other one, then start to twist helping yourself with the leg over. You can place the opposite elbow to deepen the twist.

I hope this helps in your daily routine. Sometimes we will need more than just a few stretches to relieve the tension, but you know, one breathe at a time and everything will fall into place… someday :).



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