Monday Mantra 02·20·17


I am love.. soy amor…

After a week full of heart shaped thoughts I felt that it was very appropriated to keep this friendly reminder. Of course Valentines is over, and chocolate boxes are 50% off. Some of you might still be feeling the sparkles of the love that this day irradiates, some others might be having a harder time because the expectations weren’t filled. Well, with time I’ve learned that love is an inside job, and if love is not being performed correctly on the inside, most likely the outside will be having its problems.

So for this week Im going to leave this mantra on the table. Repeat to yourself “I am love” “Yo soy amor” , “Je suis l’amour”, and forget for a second the rest of it, imagine the world is inside you, it doesn’t matter how much affection you are receiving from outside, if you feel a warm heartbeat inside you, and the thrills of your breathing is enough for a smile, you are set for the day.

Im sure a lovely week is coming up.


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