Making it easy

When I first heard about meditation the only thing that came into my mind was the idea of being at the top of a mountain wearing a beautiful white organic cotton robe while I was sitting in a perfect lotus with my mind completely in blank, almost levitating. Of course, any of the things I just mentioned ever happened, maybe the white organic cotton robe did happen (as a T-shirt) but the idea of clearing my mind and be in complete quietness is still on the works, and I meditate almost every single day, at least for 5 minutes for the past year.

If you are just starting with your meditation practice, or you haven’t  started but want to give it a chance, hear me out. Its going to be weird, its not easy, and you wont see the difference right away, but once you start to see how your world start to change just because you dedicate some minutes of your day to yourself, you will understand why is so necessary to keep meditation in our daily routine.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned about making meditation approachable for those (like me) who have some trouble to keep their mind under control.

img_0519Find guidance : if it’s your first time, I highly recommend that you do it under the guide of someone, they’ll find the right words for your practice, and you’ll feel that you actually did something more than just be sitting waiting there waiting to be over. I recommend YouTube for those with no time (or money) . There are also great apps that you can keep on your phone and have them at hand when you most need them. Also go to your nearest yoga studios, they might have the most amazing meditation sessions and being in a place like a studio will make the experience very different.

img_0068Keep it simple : Don’t get too fancy buying a meditation cushion, a 12 pound Buddha, hundreds of essential oils and expensive Malas. Meditation is just the practice of being aware of your breathing and a practice of letting things go. So you will basically need a confortable position, maybe a cushion and maybe some background music, just if you are not comfortable with complete silence , which I love.


Be present : once you sit down and start your practice, try to keep your attention on that exact moment, your mind will wander and you will lose it, the important thing is to get back, be aware of your thoughts, observe them and let them be. Meditation not always have to be seated in complete silence with your eyes closed. Being mindful of any situation is the prefect example of active meditation.


Expect nothing: people will always expect a certain bliss or feeling after practice (no, we won’t levitate, I promise). There will be some feelings, and an after taste, we are all unique, so don’t compare your progress with anyone else ( that works for life too btw) this is a personal practice where only you will understand with time how everything starts to change.

img_0521Breathe: Basically this is all that matters. There are many different types of meditation practices, the most common one is when you concentrate your attention in your breathing. For me , it has been the one who has sticked on, but anyways in any session remember to breathe, deep and conscious. That’s what we came for so let’s make the most out of it.

Of course they might me many other things I still don’t know about meditation, Im still on my own journey. Every day when I sit and close my eyes, I feel is my first time, sometimes I breathe deeper than others, some other times my mind can’t stop wandering, but I’m still there, in my easy pose, with a tall spine, in the middle of my living room, growing one breathe at a time.


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