The Store is Open!

It all began a couple years ago, when I was living in Bogota and I didn’t have many things to do (some people call it unemployment but I’m not quite fond of that word) I decided to start a small collection of hand painted wallets and bags. It was a completely success not only because I sold them all, but because I found something that helps me to get lost in moments when I don’t want to be around, lets say that its my way out of stress and madness. Every time I start to paint, a part of me stays in that painting, my thoughts, feelings and emotions are reflected on each one, and every single one represents different parts of me.

In this new collection, I decided to put together things that are moving me very much right now. One of them is Mantras, all those different words, sounds, chants and quotes that define a moment, or we use it to meditate, or simply help us to heal, and keep on going. The other thing is the nostalgia of home, and all those details that make me feel in a save place, mostly those places are hidden in nature,that is why there are so many plants hanging around here.

If you want something special, please write me. I’ll be more than happy to work something out for you.

Everything is on my Etsy Store, go and take a look, the are one of a kind and I will be updating the page constantly, hopefully I will fill it with beautiful things for you to use.

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