The good Neighbor

Now that I live in a pretty sweet place in Bogota, I’ve had the chance to enjoy a beautiful morning view while I practice in the morning. The only thing that bothers me is a deep gray smokey cloud covering the whole city, its unsettling to think that we breathe that air every day. 

Then when I walk around and I see those low, almost dry rivers that cross over the city and the crazy weather that makes us wear rain coats and light shirts just to be ready for high temperatures in the morning and extremely cold rainy afternoons. 


Those are things happening that seem very imposible to fix, we are tiny humans in this big universe, how can I fix something that is so big and other people are making it worse?. 

Well the first step is to stop thinking that we are “no-one” and that the government and big companies are the only ones responsible for our future. Of course they might make things better or worse in a greater scale, but we need to remember that we are tools of change.


Think about the “good neighbor”, the guy who waters your plants even if you don’t ask to, or the one who helps you without waiting anything on return. We need to start to think of “we” a whole instead of “me” as a unit. Think of all those little things you can change in your routine that might make a big difference. Maybe we won’t see the difference for now, but the future will thank you for it.

We can start thinking of all the garbage a single person produces a day and if you want to know exactly how much waste is made in your area, go to this link and find out: .It also has information about what its going on and what can you do to help. 

Other things to keep in mind:

Untitled-1-01Take a look around, look what you really need and just stay with the essential, the rest can be recycled or given away.

2-01Yes, refuse to use disposable items.  Imagine using an item for 5 minutes and then waiting hundreds of years for it to discompose.

3-01Carry your own water bottle, mug and bags. In Bogota they have this things of “bag free day” at the super markets or extra charge if you take their plastic bags, and I just love it, ( I must stay that it took me a while to get used to carry shopping bags with me, but is just matter of time and it doesn’t cost you anything).

4-01Find ways to make your meals with unprocessed and unpackaged foods, I know this might be complicated for those who have busy days, but maybe try to change your snacks, look for fruits and vegetables and use reusable packing to take them with you.

5-01It is a good way to start by recycling, but you want to go to a minimal waste solution. Try to select very well things that doesn’t produce much waste as others.

6-01With kindness, we can share all our thoughts about sustainability with every person we know, talk to companies and business and tell them how can they help us by reducing waste. Do you have a favorite restaurant that you go very often ? do they use too many straws? There’s always something you can work on.

7-01Support your local business, take a walk, use your bike, ride a bus if you are going alone. Do you really need the car? ask your neighbors, there is someone who might work close to you too and you can share the ride.

We are the ones who will make this world worth living. The universe might put us with some obstacles in the way (like presidents who couldn’t care less about the environment, and companies that will do what ever it takes to make all the money they want). But the minimal change you start doing in your daily routine is already a revolution.

So, who’s with me?


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