El perro que no pudo ser Policía

Ayer mientras rodaba por las redes sociales, encontré una noticia que mas que enternecedora se me hizo bastante alarmante. “Un perro muy amigable para ser policía”: Un pobre animal que por su entusiasmo haya sido descartado para ser una figura de orden y justicia. Y lo que mas alarma de la noticia, no es pensar que al perro le vale tres pepinos ser o no policía sino como este tipo de frustración son el reflejo de nuestros días. Cuantas veces hemos sido rechazado por ser como somos y buscamos maneras infinitas de transformarnos para ser aceptados.

Ilustración de Saskia Keultjes

Hace un par de años, después de haber vuelto de NY ( una de mis tantas veces en la que me despedí de esa ciudad para siempre, para saber que meses después iba a regresar) empece a buscar trabajo como diseñadora de modas. Colombia es un país que se caracteriza por un estable sector textil, entonces era de esperarse que mi alegría por volver a poner en practica lo aprendido iba a ser de gran ayuda para encontrar un buen trabajo. Pero después de un año que casi no se acaba; de entrevista en entrevista, saludos, portafolios, y soportando una que otra dolorosa conversación entre amigos y familia de como me estaba yendo, la cosa no pintaba muy bien. El momento cúspide ocurrió un día que me dijeron que estaba “sobre-calificada para el puesto”. Como carajos pasan estas cosas?!, en que momento pase a tener “mucha sabiduría”? .Porque la excusa de la “poca experiencia” la entiendo, pero que sea muy buena para algo me lleva a ser no apta para un trabajo?!.

En ese momento paré y empece a hacer cosas por mi lado y a mi gusto, deje de sufrir porque era “desempleada” y busque de mi propia manera practicar mi oficio y de pagar mis cuentas, muchas veces tuve que dejar al lado mi carrera para hacer otras cosas, porque al fin y al cabo “las cuentas no se pagan solas” . Necesite escuchar de otra persona que “era muy buena para poder trabajar”, para entender que el tratar de complacer al resto no me va a llevar a ningún lugar en este mundo. Y no me mal interpreten, les ruego que todo lo que hagan, entreguen todo lo que tienen, sean perfeccionistas en su causa y amen cada segundo el oficio que tienen en sus manos, así no sea lo que tenían planeado hacer. Pero si les pido que lo hagan sin esperar nada a cambio. 

Pretendemos estar felices para agradarle a la gente, en vez de para sentirnos bien. Nos ejercitamos para vernos bien y no para sentirnos bien. Tenemos el trabajo y la vida que todos tienen porque “es lo que deberíamos estar haciendo” pero no nos convence. En que momento llegamos a ser esclavos de las expectativas sí ni siquiera sabemos lo que el mundo esta esperando de nosotros?.

Ilustración de Marc Johns

En fin, este pensamiento que me dio tantas vueltas me lleva a la conclusion que ser el perro alegre solo para tener un cargo, no nos va a llevar a ningún lado. Esta bien estar asustado, no saber las cosas, o estar completamente enamorado de tus éxitos y tus resultados, pero esos sentimientos no te pueden definir, ni tampoco pueden afectar lo que estas haciendo. Cada uno es parte de su propio proceso que siempre esta cambiando. Los invito a que esta semana dediquen un tiempo a reflexionar en donde están y que están haciendo. Hasta que punto estoy haciendo algo por gusto y donde empiezan las cosas que hago para complacer a los demás.

Al final al perro le ofrecieron un mejor trabajo, en vez de estar oliendo carros y revisando maletas, es parte del equipo de eventos sociales del gobernador donde puede ser tan alegre y amigable como el quiera. Las cosas fluyen de maneras extrañas, solo hay que aprender a fluir con ellas. 



The good Neighbor

Now that I live in a pretty sweet place in Bogota, I’ve had the chance to enjoy a beautiful morning view while I practice in the morning. The only thing that bothers me is a deep gray smokey cloud covering the whole city, its unsettling to think that we breathe that air every day. 

Then when I walk around and I see those low, almost dry rivers that cross over the city and the crazy weather that makes us wear rain coats and light shirts just to be ready for high temperatures in the morning and extremely cold rainy afternoons. 


Those are things happening that seem very imposible to fix, we are tiny humans in this big universe, how can I fix something that is so big and other people are making it worse?. 

Well the first step is to stop thinking that we are “no-one” and that the government and big companies are the only ones responsible for our future. Of course they might make things better or worse in a greater scale, but we need to remember that we are tools of change.


Think about the “good neighbor”, the guy who waters your plants even if you don’t ask to, or the one who helps you without waiting anything on return. We need to start to think of “we” a whole instead of “me” as a unit. Think of all those little things you can change in your routine that might make a big difference. Maybe we won’t see the difference for now, but the future will thank you for it.

We can start thinking of all the garbage a single person produces a day and if you want to know exactly how much waste is made in your area, go to this link and find out: .It also has information about what its going on and what can you do to help. 

Other things to keep in mind:

Untitled-1-01Take a look around, look what you really need and just stay with the essential, the rest can be recycled or given away.

2-01Yes, refuse to use disposable items.  Imagine using an item for 5 minutes and then waiting hundreds of years for it to discompose.

3-01Carry your own water bottle, mug and bags. In Bogota they have this things of “bag free day” at the super markets or extra charge if you take their plastic bags, and I just love it, ( I must stay that it took me a while to get used to carry shopping bags with me, but is just matter of time and it doesn’t cost you anything).

4-01Find ways to make your meals with unprocessed and unpackaged foods, I know this might be complicated for those who have busy days, but maybe try to change your snacks, look for fruits and vegetables and use reusable packing to take them with you.

5-01It is a good way to start by recycling, but you want to go to a minimal waste solution. Try to select very well things that doesn’t produce much waste as others.

6-01With kindness, we can share all our thoughts about sustainability with every person we know, talk to companies and business and tell them how can they help us by reducing waste. Do you have a favorite restaurant that you go very often ? do they use too many straws? There’s always something you can work on.

7-01Support your local business, take a walk, use your bike, ride a bus if you are going alone. Do you really need the car? ask your neighbors, there is someone who might work close to you too and you can share the ride.

We are the ones who will make this world worth living. The universe might put us with some obstacles in the way (like presidents who couldn’t care less about the environment, and companies that will do what ever it takes to make all the money they want). But the minimal change you start doing in your daily routine is already a revolution.

So, who’s with me?


5 Mantras to embrace Change

Oh change, so inevitable, so sporadic . This year started with many last minute change of plans, and I must say, it hasn’t been easy. I keep telling to myself that change is good, and new doors might open, but lets be real, we hate when things doesn’t come as planned.

That’s why I came up with a list of 5 mantras to embrace those moments when we are not ready to face change. They might seem mellow and hyper positive, but in moments when everything seems blue, we need to put extra sprinkles on it. 


1. I have what I need to get through this.

Remember all those moments when you felt defeated, and you thought “I can’t do this” but at the end you did it?. If theres a will there will always be a way, you only need to use those skills, tools and resources that you already have to make things work.


2. Om Namah Shivaya

My personal favorite. It translates to: “I bow to Shiva, the supreme deity of transformation who represent the truest highest self.” I learned this mantra from one teacher in my teacher training, and I usually use it when I feel overwhelmed, this is my way of reminding myself that we are made up of divine energy and we should treat ourselves accordingly.


3. Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah

Other divine mantra, this time praying to Ganesh, it translates to : “I bow to the elephant-faced deity who is capable to remove all obstacles. I pray for blessings and protection”. In hinduism is Ganesh is known as the god of wisdom and success, and destroyer of obstacles. So for those moments when you feel that change is going to destroy you, just chant to Ganesh and ask for wisdom and strength, so you can face any challenge.


4. When we stop feeling sorry for ourselves, we start feeling stronger.

I promised myself to stop using the “why me” expression, its too sad. Or feeling bad because “unfair” things are happening to me. There are worse things going on to other people right now, we are just facing the hacks of being alive, we need to embrace ourselves and start believing we are capable of going through hard times. 


5. OM

The ultimate mantra, that fits any situation. The first original vibration, represents birth, death and rebirth, and thats what happens at any difficult moment of change. Something is born, it dies but it will rebirth again. And the sound and vibration of OM will automatically help you to chill out. 

I recommend to repeat a mantra at least for 5 minutes, while sitting down in easy pose (with your legs crossed) palms up to be receptive or down to the knees for grounding. Be aware of your breathing, repeat the mantra to yourself or chant it out loud. And if 5 minutes is not enough, stay there as much as you need to, or if you don’t have those 5 minutes ( but believe me you need them!) take just a second to repeat the mantra along the day when you feel like doing it. 

It has helped me a lot this past couple of months that have been very challenging, and I don’t expect that things are going to get easier at any moment. We just need to take deep breathes and flow with it, right? 


The time of the year when we get super active and we want to burn everything from the past months has come! .

Most of us are planning in advance to feel better for summer, I wont call it a summer body because we have the same body the whole year long, but we do start to exercise around this time of the year more often than usual, and that usually makes us feel good about ourselves.

Saying this so, we also tend to get injured more than usual. We expect to run 10 miles out of nowhere and feel the bliss and fire afterward with no side effect, you know, like those Nike commercials, the truth is,t without proper after workout stretches, our muscles and ligaments are going to feel the damage, we might not feel it the first couple of times, but theres going to be a moment when your body wont resist it anymore and you will end up injured.

That’s why I came up with this sequence to stretch and release the tension after any workout. It also applies for those who feel the soreness from a long day at work and need a good stretch before bed. Feel free to use this sequence whenever you feel the need to stretch and release.



  1. Forward fold variation / Uttanasana : with your hands interlacing behind your back, bend the knees and bring the tailbone back and up. Rest the torso over the thighs and slowly start to straighten your legs keeping the back straight. Your head is hanging and your hands are trying to reach forward. Hold for 5 breathes.


  1. Twisted forward fold: From uttanasana, bend one knee and straighten the other one, twist the torso towards the straight leg and bring the arm from the same side up. Arms are in T, the twist comes from the waist, and the chest and face are facing up, hold and change to the other side.


  1. High lunge with hands on the floor: Bring one feet in between your hands, your arms are strong like in the top of a push up, the other leg is straight back, the heel is pulling back and the muscles are engaged. The spine is long, belly in, looking forward. The front knee is bent at a 90 degrees and the knee is aligned with the foot. Hold for 5 and change to the other side.


  1. Low lunge / Anjaneyasana : From high lunge, drop the back knee to the floor, keeping the muscles contracted, lift the torso and interlace the fingers on top of the knee, shoulders away from the ears, chest is up, belly in. Let the hips hang a little bit without loosing control of it. Hold for 5, change to the other side


  1. Half Split / Ardha Hanumanasana: From low lunge, bring the hips back to the heel, straighten the opposite leg and leave the hands at the side of the front leg, you will feel a deep stretch on your straight hamstring, use blocks or books to take more space if necessary. Hold for 5, change to the other side.


  1. Big toe Pose / Padangusthasana: With feet hip width distance grab the two big toes with the first two fingers, bend the knees if necessary to keep a straight spine. Start to pull your head towards your feet , bend the elbows to the side and keep the shoulders away from the ears. Hold for 5


  1. Upside Down Pigeon: Lying on your back, bend one knee and leave the foot grounded, then place the opposite ankle on top of the knee, making a shape 4 with the legs, push the knee away from the torso to feel a deep hip stretch, you can grab the thigh behind and lift the leg, in order to create more tension and a deeper stretch in both legs.


  1. Twist with eagle legs: with the back laying on the floor, cross one leg over the other one, then bring the knee to the opposite side of the floor while the chest and face turn to the opposite side, this is a deep stretch, be careful if you have any back injury. Hold for 5 and change side.


  1. Seated Forward bend / Paschimottanasana : Seated with the legs straight in front of you bring the chest forward, grabbing the side of the feet or any part of the legs to find a deeper fold. You can bend the knees in order to keep the back straight. Once you find a good stretch you can rest the head on your legs, only if theres no hunch on the back!.

The ideal is to hold each pose for 5 breathes, feel how each inhale will give you space to lengthen , and each exhale will allow you to go deeper.

I hope you find this helpful, I learned the hard way to stretch after practice and now it has become the most important part of it, enjoy!

Making it easy

When I first heard about meditation the only thing that came into my mind was the idea of being at the top of a mountain wearing a beautiful white organic cotton robe while I was sitting in a perfect lotus with my mind completely in blank, almost levitating. Of course, any of the things I just mentioned ever happened, maybe the white organic cotton robe did happen (as a T-shirt) but the idea of clearing my mind and be in complete quietness is still on the works, and I meditate almost every single day, at least for 5 minutes for the past year.

If you are just starting with your meditation practice, or you haven’t  started but want to give it a chance, hear me out. Its going to be weird, its not easy, and you wont see the difference right away, but once you start to see how your world start to change just because you dedicate some minutes of your day to yourself, you will understand why is so necessary to keep meditation in our daily routine.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned about making meditation approachable for those (like me) who have some trouble to keep their mind under control.

img_0519Find guidance : if it’s your first time, I highly recommend that you do it under the guide of someone, they’ll find the right words for your practice, and you’ll feel that you actually did something more than just be sitting waiting there waiting to be over. I recommend YouTube for those with no time (or money) . There are also great apps that you can keep on your phone and have them at hand when you most need them. Also go to your nearest yoga studios, they might have the most amazing meditation sessions and being in a place like a studio will make the experience very different.

img_0068Keep it simple : Don’t get too fancy buying a meditation cushion, a 12 pound Buddha, hundreds of essential oils and expensive Malas. Meditation is just the practice of being aware of your breathing and a practice of letting things go. So you will basically need a confortable position, maybe a cushion and maybe some background music, just if you are not comfortable with complete silence , which I love.


Be present : once you sit down and start your practice, try to keep your attention on that exact moment, your mind will wander and you will lose it, the important thing is to get back, be aware of your thoughts, observe them and let them be. Meditation not always have to be seated in complete silence with your eyes closed. Being mindful of any situation is the prefect example of active meditation.


Expect nothing: people will always expect a certain bliss or feeling after practice (no, we won’t levitate, I promise). There will be some feelings, and an after taste, we are all unique, so don’t compare your progress with anyone else ( that works for life too btw) this is a personal practice where only you will understand with time how everything starts to change.

img_0521Breathe: Basically this is all that matters. There are many different types of meditation practices, the most common one is when you concentrate your attention in your breathing. For me , it has been the one who has sticked on, but anyways in any session remember to breathe, deep and conscious. That’s what we came for so let’s make the most out of it.

Of course they might me many other things I still don’t know about meditation, Im still on my own journey. Every day when I sit and close my eyes, I feel is my first time, sometimes I breathe deeper than others, some other times my mind can’t stop wandering, but I’m still there, in my easy pose, with a tall spine, in the middle of my living room, growing one breathe at a time.

Monday Mantra 02.27.



I bow to the Creative Wisdom, I bow to the Divine Teacher within.

We can use this mantra to “tune in” to the divine flowing within each of us. It bring us to a meditative state which allow the universe to open up to us.

Repeat this mantra 3 times before your practice (or any task that you are about to start) and let your mind work at its own pace.

Have a wonderful week.



Vinyasa Flow

Esta secuencia de Vinyasa esta diseñada para todos los que están buscando acelerar su ritmo cardiaco con un poco de yoga. Es un flow para todos los niveles, con ciertas poses que con un poco mas de dificultad, pero solo por el hecho de que hasta ahora estas comenzando tus practicas, no significa que no puedas intentarlo.
Las ventajas de practicar en casa es que siempre puedes poner pausa, tomar un respiro y comenzar de nuevo :).
Al final vas a sentir un poco mas de confianza (para eso están los guerreros) tu abdomen y tus piernas van a sentir el esfuerzo y tu vas a sentir esa sensación de poder  que nos dejan nuestras clases de yoga.



Calm. Sleep. By Moby

Even if my feed is filled with political, depressing news that makes me feel impotent and angry, I also get to find things like this. Moby has decided to share with us 4 hours of music that he uses for yoga and meditation.

The world might not drastically change after this, but at least we have a nice and soothing soundtrack to get some air and find some peace. Just click here 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks Moby!



Monday Mantra 02·20·17


I am love.. soy amor…

After a week full of heart shaped thoughts I felt that it was very appropriated to keep this friendly reminder. Of course Valentines is over, and chocolate boxes are 50% off. Some of you might still be feeling the sparkles of the love that this day irradiates, some others might be having a harder time because the expectations weren’t filled. Well, with time I’ve learned that love is an inside job, and if love is not being performed correctly on the inside, most likely the outside will be having its problems.

So for this week Im going to leave this mantra on the table. Repeat to yourself “I am love” “Yo soy amor” , “Je suis l’amour”, and forget for a second the rest of it, imagine the world is inside you, it doesn’t matter how much affection you are receiving from outside, if you feel a warm heartbeat inside you, and the thrills of your breathing is enough for a smile, you are set for the day.

Im sure a lovely week is coming up.


Monday Mantra 2•13•17



Lets be real, we need a plan in life, it’s not like we can float around the universe without any goals, and just be (some times sounds like a great idea but trust me that’s not what your are here for). We all come with a purpose and we just need to work for it, giving everything we have, expecting nothing in return.This week try to liberate yourself from any expectation and be content with what the world has to offer you.

But also remember to give it all, otherwise karma will come back at you and you will regret it.

May your week be nothing like you expected ✌🏼